Free the Weed

I caught the History Channel’s “History of Marijuana” yesterday.

For the purpose of the blog, my choice is to not smoke pot now, but I have forgotten more outstanding dope then most people will every smoke.

Top 10 reasons pot should be decriminalized.

1. Everybody deserves to “really hear” The Allman Brothers at least once.

2. Since decriminalization in Portugal and Amsterdam, drug related crime and under age use has stayed the same or declined.

3. 10 billion clams tax revenue would afford us the ability to participate in more unjust wars (or pay for health care)

4. Unlike Alcohol, Weed is more likely to make you play with your kids instead of beat them.

5. While your playing with your kids you don’t play with the toys, the toys play with you.

6. It doesnt work as fast as Viagra but it sure works longer.

7. Our state already offers free chemical dependency treatment for anyone who can’t afford it (rule 25)  Save the jail space for real criminals.

8. Stimulate and tax junk food sales (and include a trip toy in every package).

9. Bill Maher would have one less thing to bitch about and his show would likely take on a more colorful set not to mention a much cooler theme song.

10. If you think pot makes you dopey and lazy look what botox does.


3 Responses

  1. […] smoke pot is a personal choice that shouldn’t need to be explained.  I strongly suspect that Andy would agree.  Smoking a little, in your own home where you’re safe and not bothering anybody isn’t […]

  2. […] he was wearing one of many t-shirts advocating legalization).   Then I mentioned to him that I agree with Andy… that pot probably should be legal and that I wasn’t interested in judging him for what […]

  3. […] Andy’s post pretty much sums up my thoughts on pot. […]

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