The Chili Contest

My first mistake was needing the prize (an ipod) because like everyone, I’m pretty hard up in the midst of the economic failure. My son has been asking for one and since my daughter got one for her birthday this would have made an excellent Christmas gift.

So with more years working in kitchens then I care to admit, I thought taking first prize would be a cinch against amateurs.

In the midwest most consider milk to be a spice with the only variation being 1% or 2. While we have a few cultural points of light most folks here consider pier one at the strip mall an excellent way to experience the rest of the world.

So to stick to my culinary guns and make what I know to be awesome chili?

Between Patty and I we decided to go with a toned down version of the real deal. We would compromise by lowering the heat and adding beans which while a faux pas in the rest of the county is pretty much the norm up here.

We are good sports for the most part and were prepared to take off our hats to a better product.  We were not prepared however to loose to a bland bowl of sorry excuse for either chili or spaghetti sauce with extra EXTRA brown sugar.

I guess Max get’s Legos’ this year………………………….again.


One Response

  1. Umm… darlin, the contest was judged by the American Family Insurance woman and the Multiband dude. I wouldn’t feel too bad about not winning with them as the judges.

    The insurance woman seemed to be reasonable enough — except that her idea of a goodie bag was leftover Halloween Candy, a HUGE pen and some post-it notes.

    The Multiband dude couldn’t even make sure our cable and internet worked, thus we changed providers entirely. I suspect that nobody who isn’t a customer of his was eligible to win…. and, we have direct TV and a Qwest DSL line.

    Our chili was the only one to really look and taste like chili — plus, we had a good time making it — and their rent abatement “participation” prize covered the groceries.

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