When does the Christmas season start?

It should be no surprise to anybody that this blog started in a coffee shop.  Andy and I frequent the ‘boo.  It’s our second home, with comfortable chairs, a fire and nice people who supply us with caffeine.

At the ‘boo we’ve had two “seasons” this fall.  First there was killer boobie awareness month (more rants on that later, trust me).  That was supposed to end in October, but they still have some leftover merch. from it, so the pink stuff is persisting and bleeding over into Christmas.  That’s right, we went from Breast Cancer Awareness month to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus season — in mid November.  They’re playing Christmas music, they have the “holiday” drinks (sadly, none with booze… sigh) and a Christmas tree.

I have a basic objection to this.  It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.  I’m not at all ready for finals and it isn’t even my birthday.  That’s right — the official holiday fun shouldn’t start until after my birthday, which is December 8.  Poor Andy can’t make that kind of a rule, as his birthday is only 3 days before Christmas – but, I’m lucky that I had to come out two weeks earlier, so I can say that.

Realistically, I don’t expect the whole world to abstain from Christmas until I turn another year older, but if the could at least wait until we’re done with our cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, that would be nice and kinda civilized.

Then again, look who I’m asking to restrain themselves — a bunch of capitalists — oh well, a girl can hope.

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  1. Liturgically, the Christmas season starts on December 25th. You already know how much this irritates me.

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