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I dare say I’d rather have the halls of congress filled with philosophers instead of lawyers. Lawyers are people who know how to make deals and find back doors to further their agenda. They are like the action arm of philosophy without the ethics. They know every motion needs a compromise which is often handed to the public as the devil in the detail keeping social policy from being effective.

A recent compromise here in our state was the continuation of MnCare for low income folks and folks who are not offered a better plan through employers. In short, if you can’t afford it you will get help…..if you can afford it you have to pay based on your income but it may be better health care. So after much “compromise” a low income customer can expect to only be allowed care at one of three clinics in the metro area and can expect to wait 1-3 months to get an appointment. My guess is that our new national policy will fall victim to the same compromises.

I know Lawyers who are good people and smart people. I suppose most lawyers start out with a fair dose of hope and philosophy until, as with the rest of life they realize it’s only about money.

The reason Philosophers are virtually useless except as teachers and waitresses is because they dare ask the question what is right regardless of the dollars and cents. Needless to say our country has outgrown that notion.

The sciences make life today possible……………the humanities make it worth it.


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  1. In law school we read cases for years and most of those cases involved a winner and a loser. A legal education gives you critical thinking skills that will help you decide who is the winner and the loser in a court of law. This is interesting stuff to know but it tends to produce people who think that all of life’s problems must be litigated. It produces people whose reasoning leads to black and white answers.
    After after negotiating a few hundred million dollars worth of business for various employers I have learned that the commercial world is a much more grey place and lawyers mostly gum up the works. When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. When lawyers only know how to litigate they analyze any problem in terms of how it will play out in a court of law. Thus you have the FBI lawyer who refused to request a hard drive search of an aviation student in Minneapolis who only wanted to fly the simulator, he wasn’t interested in landing. Washington lawyers want perfect cases so they will never lose in court. In the never ending process of case-by-case decision-making the mature professional knows that there is rarely a perfect case and grown-ups know how to be effective with imperfect facts.

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