Making the chili

The cast of characters — minus the meat..  Trust the meat to miss the team photo.

Really, meat was marinating in a secret blend of chili spices… so, it was excused…. especially since it was soon to be in the pot!

After browning the meat, remove it from the pot and add the onions and peppers to the same pot.  They’ll hang out there and pick up the yummy bits from the meat and spices.

Meanwhile, finely chop the hot peppers — the orange is habenero, the green poblano.

One of our secret ingredients, cilantro cubes.  We found it at the Mexican market.  It’s similar to boullion cubes, but green and lovely cilantro.

We then added both beef and chicken stock to the pot, along with green peppers and spices to taste.

Now, the chili cooks and cooks and cooks — until it turns into liquid love…

Tomorrow, the contest.


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