Chili Contest at The Big Woods…..

I really enjoyed the contest today, not only because we placed fourth and got a new crock pot as a prize. Today’s contest was judged by the participants and local bar patrons. We had a chance to enjoy all nine entries and take our time scoring them accordingly.

I may have to rethink the use of beans, there were two “Texas style” chili’s that ranked high on my score sheet. Typically I also take a point off for kidney beans simply because I don’t like them (the thick skin is a bit leathery to my taste bud’s).

I used a scoring system based on flavor, appearance and texture (tee hee that spells FAT) with three points for each category for a total of nine. The owner of the bar insisted it was ok to vote for yourself and we had to assume most folks would do that, so we did too.

My second favorite was an all meat chili sweetened with molasses with an excellent balance of depth and heat. I normally take points off for sweet chili, but in this case it was just different enough and the final product was excellent.

Patty and I discussed at least two meats in our next next endeavor and we will likely experiment with some of the new idea’s we got today.

My nine year old son was with us today and I was afraid he would be bored at the bar. However just after we walked in another little dude walked in and they had a great time watching football together and will likely hang out in future.

Over all a great day on the Chili Trail.



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