Pies, day 1

I call Andy the Evil Food Genius for a reason… he’s a food mastermind.  He’s as good with food as I am at getting a good parking spot at school (parking karma, baby!), spotting a plagiarism or sensing when one of the cats is up to no good…. the thing is, the products of Andy’s skills are tasty and often sinful.

One of the skills Andy and I don’t share is the ability to cook.  As I type, a “home cooked meal” for my hardworking ‘half a lawyer’ Hubby is grilled cheese and warmed up tomato soup.  It’s fancy tonight because I’m using orange American cheese AND swiss cheese in the sandwiches…

This afternoon my kitchen became the scene of pies, day one.  Until now, my kitchen had only witnessed purchased pie crusts — so imagine how shocked the counter was to have actual pie crust rolled out on it… Really, the counter seemed to enjoy the crust experience a bit more than a counter should… it may decide to follow Andy home next time… sigh.

A good pie crust needs to be refrigerated, so the plan was to shop and make the crust today — and complete the pies tomorrow… mostly.  In fact, we ended up with enough time to finish my pies!!  I actually got to roll out the top of the apple one…  and I peeled ALL the apples for it… 

This is the pre-baked lingonberry pie… yes, lingonberry — you can buy a tub of lingonberry stuff at IKEA.  I bought it in August or so and it’s been waiting for EFG to come along and make a pie…

This is the pre-baked apple pie… the diet pepsi can is included so you can see how huge this pie is… almost 6lbs of apples… and I rolled out the top crust. 

And here they are — cooked and smelling yummy on my counter.  I bet you wish you could smell what I’m smelling right now…

All the pie making exhausted Tera, the “personal assistant” cat… good thing tomorrow is at Andy’s.

Tomorrow, pie day part 2 — look for mincemeat, pumpkin, cranberry apple and strawberry rhubarb… and, the crusts that are currently snoozing in my fridge, because Andy left them here…


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