OMG Patty Cooks… T day chaos

7:41 AM the crock pot lid tried to kill me…  maybe I need to live blog this Turkey day.

7:57 AM: While grinding pepper into the appetizer, the pepper grinder exploded…..   I wonder if it would be tacky of me to make my guests cook (or send out the bat signal to Andy) and retreat to the bedroom with a sippy cup full of wine.

8:35  After a stop at Dunn Brother’s, Hubby and I are at the Corner Store (you know — that sketchy little place down on the corner… ), looking for more eggs, more pepper and back-up appetizers.

9:00 I’m glad Andy’s pies are safely in the fridge… I’m going to see if I can salvage the appetizer…

Stay tuned for the turkey update — right now it’s brineing in the fridge.

I wonder if Andy’s family would notice five extra guests?? hmmmm….

10:30, I take the turkey out of the brine — didn’t drop it or anything.

10:35:  I turn on the oven

10:37:  I smell apple pie scented smoke.

10:37.5 I put out a fire… yes, actual flames…. with baking soda.

I’m amazed that I thought to use baking soda.

Where’s that wine?

Hubby had to vaccume and chisel out the oven.  This may be our first vegetarian Thanksgiving.

11:09:  Hubby, “the oven isn’t precisely clean, but it will not catch fire.”

this is progress… pass the wine.

12:00 —- I’d planned to have everything done, be in the shower and have all of Grandma’s dishes on the counter by now… As it is, I’m happy we haven’t had another fire, flood, earthquake  or some other kind of Biblical emergency.

12:10 — After a reassuring call from Andy, telling me I have a Ph.D., I’m not an idiot — I managed to pick up the living room and hit the shower… strange how a shower and a reassurance from my pal turns all of this kind of funny.

1:30 — a phone call from a reader / guest asking if everything is ok –i.e. is it safe to enter casa-de-chaos?  Yep… all is tranquil, and smelling good….

What passes as a table is set with my great grandmother’s dishes… (yea, that’s the kitchen island of pie fame…. after today I’m sure it will go home with Andy later..).

The turkey’s in the oven (notice, no smoke, no flames, no fire department, just good smells), that’s stuffing, sweet potatoes, pies (jars of gravy… I need it) and — if you look really closely, you’ll see my finger puppet of Kant all wrapped up in thread — courtesy of the cats.

And… the first foot post on our new blog… I take lots of photos of my feet — but, this shows I’m relaxing in my clean, tranquil, apartment — waiting for guests.

Update — the food, once it was finished, was a success… the turkey as yummy, the stuffing delish and the pies were simply amazing —

Max and Andy came for pie — and the end of the trivial pursuit game.. although, having 4 men against 3 women didn’t help in the end — as the women won… quite an accomplishment, considering the broad range of experience on the other side…

Oh well boys, there’s always next Turkey day… better luck next time.


3 Responses

  1. OMP (yeah, I meant OMP; it’s like OMG but better), your new blog is awesome. Not that the old one wasn’t, but I’ve just read about 5 of your posts on here and haven’t laughed this hard in ages. I miss you!

  2. Bex!!! I miss you too! We had our honorary vegetarian over for Thanksgiving, but you’re still our favorite non-carnivore!!

  3. […] It seems odd, and kind of nice, that Andy didn’t know Patty ABD — because, frankly, Patty Ph.D. is a much nicer person.    She has time for other folks, she’s not semi-distracted by her dissertation, she doesn’t open e-mail with a small sense of dread that wonderful Dr. Advisor will discover she’s an intellectual impostor and tell her to go away.   She’s also more confident in her abilities as an academic, although not necessarily as a domestic goddess.…. […]

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