The Rules…

Mom and Hubby accuse me of making rules all the time… they say it’s the older sister in me… whatever, the world works on rules — and they need to get over it and follow my rules…

On occasion, Andy’s Max and I go on an adventure — and to make sure we get to keep having adventures, we have some rules:

  1. Don’t get kidnapped.
  2. Don’t get hit by a car.
  3. Don’t get poison ivy.
  4. Don’t fall in the creek.
  5. Don’t eat anything strange.

Generally, good rules for life and adventures with a 9 year old boy…


One Response

  1. My dad would suggest that you add two rules — rules that he frequently reminded my little brother and I to abide by if we were to live a happy life:

    1. Don’t eat yellow snow.

    2. Don’t stare directly into the sun.


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