A working philosopher…

Today (yea, Sunday) I spent a day that encompasses three main aspects of being a “working” philosopher.

I began my day early by grading on-line student work.  I finished a set of on-line discussion posts about prostitution and read about 120 posts about cyber-attacks.  Yea, I have about 120 ethics students at the moment.  I also answered e-mails, fixed mistakes in the on-line portion of my class and generally counted the days until the final paper is due… to celebrate, I posted all the due dates between now and winter break.  That was, as they say, teh awesome!

Then I proofread a powerpoint I’m using on Tuesday as part of a presentation on campus about my dissertation area — the ethics of warfare.  The presentation is a pecha kucha — 20 powerpoint slides, 20 seconds each.  I’m making an argument in favor of selective conscientious objection.  It’s gonna kick butt — and the slides are really powerful.  As with many things, I have no idea how it’s going to turn out on Tuesday, but the good news is that it’s a good powerpoint and it will be all over in 6F:40…  If it’s really bad, I have a leftover bottle of wine at home.

Finally, I started to edit a conference paper I’m supposed to submit by Wednesday.  It’s on the ethics of cyber-attacks and tries to establish that there can be impacts of war on non-combatants that are not immediate physical harm AND are violations of non-combatant immunity.  I wrote the draft in late July, and I think it’s pretty smart.  My primary goal is to not mess it up too much with the editing while trying to make it more clear.  Philosophers have a tendency to muck stuff up when we’re trying to be clear.

Along the way, I spent time chatting with Max and Andy, staring off into space, posting on facebook and drinking coffee — all of which are necessary parts of the working life of a philosopher.


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