We’re in the wrong business…

This minimalist Christmas tree is $275.00.  It would take about $10.00 worth of lumber, a drill and a healthy dose of marketing to put these together.  Seriously, Andy and I could make those.  I’d sell them for $200 and have enough cash for Christmas presents… hmmm.

We found out today that getting a dog groomed is $75 — and you don’t have to be liscensed ( I think..) — As Andy said “I’d shave a dog’s butt for that kind of money”..I don’t pay that much to get my own hair washed and cut… then again, I don’t get to go in the drying cage, and maybe I would pay $75 for a haircut if I could…

I also suppose we could breed and train guard llamas… probably more fun and less lucrative, but putting “guard llama trainer” on your resume just sounds cool.

Then again, it’s about 4:00 here, dreary and dark outside, maybe I should just get a job at Squid Lips


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