I’ve missed my home office…

It’s a cold and snowy morning here in our northern paradise… one that makes me dream of running away to Key West

But, unlike my pal Andy, I can work from home this morning…  and I’ve re-discovered the joy of my home office.

My home office and I have a tangled history.

I got bad news in my home office — more than a few e-mails telling me my Ph.D. qualifying papers weren’t up to snuff (until they were…),  a couple of summers ago I answered the phone here and had my doctor tell me “there’s cancer”…

I did the last, most frustrating, writing of my dissertation in my home office.

After my dissertation, the bag I carried to my dissertation defense sat on the floor next to my desk for a month before I could open it.  Over the summer, I rarely sat in my office chair.  I just couldn’t do it… it was the place of dissertation work and other trauma.  My desk became a messy junk heap — I just couldn’t face it.

Instead, I started working on a laptop in the living room.  I worked on the deck in the summer and spent more than a few late evenings out there listening to music and e-chatting with Andy.  I took a laptop to bed and worked nuggled up under the feather bed.  I’ve done countless hours of computer time at the ‘boo.. in short, I worked just about anyplace BUT my office…

But — it turns out my home office is lovely… the snow is blowing outside, but it’s warm and cozy in my office… I have music, a nice window to watch the snow blow by and a cup of coffee handy.

My desk calendar has three important dates on it — Andy’s birthday, my birthday (we’ll both be 42)  and “Freedom” day… the first day of winter break.. and –oh, yea — Christmas and New Year’s… but…. our birthdays and Freedom Day are much, much more fun!

I also have a cozy cat sleeping under my desk… she loves it under there… although, as a colleague, Tera doesn’t do her share of the grading, paper editing or course development — heck, she doesn’t even do service work like keeping Spock under control, but I appreciate her company anyway.

So — welcome to my home office — what do you like or miss about your own office?


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