Why can’t we agree on anything?

Too many things go this way in our country.

I was outside enjoying the -30 windchill and the snow blowing straight across the prairie when a woman walked to her Toyota Prius. I wasn’t really paying attention but I noticed I could hear her phone conversation and wondered why in this lunar temperature she wouldn’t start her car to get the heat going.

Low and behold the car was running and even moving…………..it was just that quiet.

I’m a staunch supporter of all the hug the gay rain forests for Christ movements and I do what I can within reason to limit my carbon foot print. For about half a second I experienced a positive feeling about the direction of the country. Lower emissions, better gas mileage and lowered noise pollution. I seem to even remember a tv commercial saying the biodegradable plastics are now made from plant materials.

I also remember some Jackass complaining on tv that the new cars were too quiet and therefore a safety concern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to get a general direction in this country………democrat or republican, as long as it’s clear and assertive. Our style of government and modern society can best be described as two monkeys fuckin’ a football.

I wont need a Prius where I’m going


One Response

  1. Bahaha, I’ll have to remember the two monkeys line. Certainly puts a certain style to the argument!

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