Department of Education

Dear, Dept of Education / Direct Loans / Dr. Evil,

You folks really need to pull your head out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last month I returned this paperwork which was in fact the third or fourth time I have filled out the exact same papers.

Your correspondence as of 12/2/2010 is demanding full payment because you have not yet received them.

I sent last month’s payment as well as the completed paperwork to the Georgia address having to pick between your three locations one for consolidation, one for payments and one for paperwork.

Do you honestly believe this is an effective way to service your customers? Do you think people default because they can’t pay or because dealing with your department is such a MAJOR FREEGIN’ HASSEL?

To top things off nowhere in this latest correspondence is my amount due for this month, December.

You have people’s lives in your hands…………I’m currently waiting for another consolidation so I can get my life back in order and get in school……………You can imagine I have have less that zero confidence this matter will be handled professionally on your end.

Enclosed is $50.00 which is my best guess as to what my payment may be for December

Andrew S


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