RBO — One week left…

For those of you who don’t know… “RBOC” stands for “Random Bullets of Crap” — or… more accurately, I can’t formulate an actual post, but I have stuff to bitch about, so — here’s Leftyconcarne’s first RBO list…

  • My to-do list actually has stuff crossed off, and a lot more on it.
  • Andy has seen me do more work in the last couple of weeks than he has all semester.
  • My office is freezing — I’m bundled under a blanket and wearing a sweater and a scarf — the twits doing construction thought it would be ok to cut the pipe that carries heat to our offices… in the WINTER!!
  • My office is a revolving door of stress and students who want to chat… aargh… I need to get importnat things done, like this post!
  • I’m actually dreading having to break in a new logic class in the spring, boooo…
  • At least I have good tunes — “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” is on now… YEA!
  • I still need to finish editing the conference paper — hopefully I can make myself do that at poofie today…
  • We’re making chili for the pot luck next week, and it’s gonna kick ass!
  • I’d like to know why I scheduled lots of stuff due on MY birthday next week?  I’ll be 42 on Wednesday, sigh.
  • Meetings — meetings — meetings… can’t we just skip them?
  • And — it’s gonna snow — YEA!!! The  ‘boo will be cozy today.. if I ever make it there..

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