Part of my personality is much like Tim “The tool man” Taylor. I like Macho Things. Power tools, v8 engines, horsepower baby!!!!!!  When it snows here on the tundra I feel happy. Not only is it pretty, but it’s time to hit the 4×4 button and whip shitties in empty parking lots. I think it’s left over from the school days when we would tune into wcco radio (like a tv without pictures) and listen for those glorious words “Orono public schools CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One of the things I like is blowing the snow. I get all bungled up, head out into the drive way and test the wind direction and fire up the blower (hopefully).  When it roars to life the smell of gas  in the brisk air floods my mind with good memories.

Unfortunately power snow equipment is a bit  like Nasa and the mission is often scrubbed for any number of mechanical issues. However yesterday I was in luck …………the beast started with only a few minor adjustments and I was off to the races.

When things are good they are really good and my own driveway is hardly a challenge. I’m fortunate enough to have great neighbors so it was off to the west for another driveway then the neighbor to the east appeared with shovel in hand………..yea we don’t shovel, so I did his as well. It’s fun……… don’t think twice about it, you certainly don’t expect anything in return. The only thing you have to be worried about is the other neighbors who enjoy it as much as me………….you would seriously be pissing in another man’s petunias if you deprived him of his power time joy.

So I went about my day making chili and didn’t give it another thought.

As it happens my neighbors to the west had an emergency. His son passed out in the bathroom and hit his face badly including a broken nose. They were at the hospital all day and most of the night.  Coming home and finding the plow fairy had visited was especially meaningful to him.

I think this makes for a good blog so I wrote this but normally it’s better to not even mention your good deeds. I also wrote it because it is the holiday season and TAG YOUR IT………’s your turn.

Later that night I was watching the Steve Carell movie about biblical Noah.  Morgan Freeman as GOD reminds us…………..”how do we change the world”?     One Act of Random Kindness at a time.


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