Pet insurance..

Insurance for pets… are you freaking kidding me?

This article talks about folks not only buying heath insurance for their pets, but also setting up trust funds so that their fur-children can be cared for after they’re gone.

Umm.. really — when we have something like 42 million PEOPLE without health insurance, does the cat really need it?

Please understand, this is coming from a dedicated cat-mom.  The fur kids have had their share of expensive vet visits (note to self:  when buying lilies, reserve 1,200 for a vet visit..) — and one of our favorite cats (a Supreme Court Cat) had FUS — which pretty much bought our vet a 94 BMW

in 1994…

Still, if you have enough cash to buy pet health insurance and set up a trust fund for the little bugger, you should be giving a bit more to poor folks who need food, clothing and transportation.

Or, if you are really fond of animals, give money (like Hubby and I do) to a pet related good cause. If you find yourself short of cash, don’t feel guilty, hubby and I are giving about 4 times what we originally intended to give them… and we can’t bear to change it now… you can free ride on us until you’re flush again.

I also think that, if you’re a good person like Andy, you should just see that something can be done to make the world a better place, and do it… but, I also know that it takes some real effort and a good soul to do that — and, if you’re lacking in one of those, give the cash instead.

Also — if you’re wondering where all the posts are about holiday good cheer and such — you’ll have to wait until a) after my birthday (Wednesday, 42..aack!)  and b) after I’m done with finals…. “THE HOLIDAYS” can start for other folks with Black Friday, but around here, we’ve still got a birthday to celebrate and work to do…  now, talk among  yourselves…


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been looking into pet insurance because for two hundred dollars a year, I can save myself the possibility of a $1000 or more vet bill if something happens. Granted, there are millions of people without health insurance; however, I’m (thankfully) not one of them and Margot is covered under my insurance. I can’t do much about the millions of people who are uninsured, but I can make sure to provide and cover for my “dependents” if you will, which includes the furball.

    The trust fund seems to be a little ridiculous to me, but the pet insurance makes sense. At least for me it does.

  2. I’ve actually looked at the pet insurance on occasion… the problem for us is that it seems not to cover several problems we’ve paid for in the past…

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