…The Hitchiker’s birthday.

…2 x 21.

My current theory is that each year after 39 is getting better.

39 pretty much sucked — at least the second half.  It was the summer and fall of cancer.  Hubby was teaching in Omaha and life was kinda scary.  I’m far from being one of those “I’m 39 and holding” women…  I’m more of one of those “get 39 the hell away from me” women.

40 was about recovery — mostly from chemo.  I spent my 40th birthday driving from Omaha to Minnesota.  I know many of you love Iowa, but spending 5ish hours in the car in Iowa, on your birthday — when you’re from Minnesota is lame.

41 was about life changes — I had more surgery early in the year, then a defended dissertation and Patty, Ph.D. — I re-met Andy and I’m learning to enjoy cooking and am perfecting the art of the poofie.

42, I suspect — will be about nothing I can anticipate today.  I hope it will be about exploring options and potential — but, it could be about learning to be still.  Either path will be beautiful.

Like the rest of the year, I’ll spend my birthday with Andy, Jason, my BNCC friends and students.


2 Responses

  1. Happy birthday!

    P.S. *I* don’t love Iowa so maybe that will help. 🙂

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