Birthday loot…

I normally don’t blog- brag about what I get for my birthday — not because I’m modest, but because it’s often objectively lame…

This birthday was different — not expensive either, which makes me comfortable blabbin’ about it.

The day started with a gift of a Rubik’s Cube and a nice bottle of Clinique Happy.

I took the chili (which got many rave reviews — and was deemed wonderful by folks who are excellent Italian, Mexican and New Mexico cooks..) to school for the pot luck.

At school – my loot increased in wonderful ways… a sweet friend who knows me way, way, way too well got me the perfect chocolates — and pens that give me pengasims… the best tutor ever (so far) made me cookies — but, the best came when I went to class…

Because, folks, I got Christmas Sox from my afternoon logic class.  Yep — Christmas Sox.  It’s a running joke with that class — a couple of weeks ago they offered to bribe me with Christmas sox — and the idea stuck.

The food was good too… BNCC’s Humanities Hallway pot luck is usually good, but this time it was fantastic, with the addition of our chili.  It was a wonderful buffet of food made with love and shared with wonderful colleagues, who seem to actually like to talk to one another, without alcohol…. weird, huh?

For dinner, Hubby found an amazing local restaurant —Acqua — their tasting menu included: a salad with fried goat cheese and roasted beets, osobuco and a salted caramel pudding… total yummo!

Yep — 42 is starting out in a good way.


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