Score none for the good guys.

I’m having a great holiday season, so I’m not going to dwell on these thoughts…………just rant a bit and be done with it.

I am utterly disappointed with the flaccid performance of our Democratic leadership. I could absolutely see this coming a year ago when the Obama team caved in on single provider health care. The latest “compromise” is the continuation of Bush Era tax cuts for the wealthy.

While both of these issues are serious failures, the real damage is the message we have sent to the country. If you have ever been in a fight (hey I was in eighth grade too once) you know that the real harm is not in loosing but rather looking like a total candy ass in front  of everyone.

Even Obama’s last choice for a supreme court justice was so middle of the road that he makes Bill Clinton look like Chairman Mao.

Honestly, I can quit bitching about it right now because the damage is done. The country’s momentum has swung, another election is less than two years away and Obama can’t even get his own team to line up with him.

This term makes me feel like almost every Vikings playoff season since I was three.  The fat lady has sung.

A few hints for the next unlucky bastard who gets elected:

America can not afford our current foreign policy and killing people is generally a bad idea!

Send the g-men to Wall street and shut them down, America does not like slippery shiesters flaunting money when the rest of the coutry is hurting!

In America (the best country in the world) reasonable health care ought to be a guarantee like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!  Trying to insure health is like trying to insure a car you know is going to get stolen. That’s called fraud!

Those who have flourished have done so within our society……….therefore you need to hold up your end. Folks earning over $250,000 should be in a higher tax bracket. The very rich, even higher. Perhaps we could allow the rich to choose where the extra taxes go within categories like defense, health care, infrastructure etc. That way the wealthy can be less troubled by their woes while sipping Dom on their yacht.

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