You know it’s the end of the semester when….

I’ll be updating this post for the next few days….

  • I make the move from PJs to “grading PJs” — in order to take a little grading break.
  • “grading PJs” consists of pajama pants, an Oregon hoodie and mis-matched fuzzy sox.
  • Students stop giving excuses and start begging.
  • I talk to the logic quizzes, both chiding and encouraging them… and cheering when I put in their grades!
  • My favorite thing isn’t my cell phone or ipod, but the coveted “pengasm” grading pen.
  • When Hubby or Andy asks where I am, my muttered response is “grading jail”.
  • I do silly things like forget my coffee in the kitchen, for an hour… unlike me!
  • When I finally do get dressed, I make sure I’m wearing a clean sweatshirt, because I have a meeting today.
  • In the meeting, someone saying “and… Bob’s your uncle” cracks me up because Andy says that all the time, but I don’t laugh outloud.
  • Students cry and hug me in the hall when they get a good logic grade.

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