What to do?

For those of you who’ve done grad school, this will sound familiar — I’m having a little anxiety about not having something I MUST DO!

I finished my BA in 1996 (yea, a long time ago…) —  The nice thing about being an undergrad is that incomplete grades weren’t a normal part of life.  That means you get a Christmas break — a real break.  Of course, I worked for my whole BA, so I’d normally work over break — so I had something TO DO.

During grad school the unwritten expectation was that a good paper required extended time — and a grade extension was automatic until the beginning of the next semester… presto, no winter break.  Instead, I worked on finishing papers — and working.  In short, I had something TO DO.

After I finished coursework, I had to work on papers to qualify as a Ph.D. candidate — since I was teaching a lot, the natural time to do that work was over break… again, no break… and something TO DO.

Over this past summer, I defended my dissertation (Dr. Patty still sounds sweet to my ears… not sick of it yet!), and submitted it a couple of weeks before BNCC’s fall meetings.  I had syllabi to write etc.. so, I had something TO DO.

Enter, anxiety monster — da da daaaaaaaaa — When I finish my grading and write the syllabi for the next semester, I won’t have ANYTHING TO DO.

The thought gives me heart palpitations, my palms get clammy, I’m really not sure how I’m going to handle this… I suppose I can look at it as learning a new life skill, how to relax and enjoy non-structured time….

or, I can totally rearrange the house, learn to knit so I can knit a whole wardrobe, learn to speak Chinese and get a holiday job…


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