Is there really a difference….

… between the “creative” mind and the “strategic” mind.

Andy and I were talking yesterday — I said I was amazed at the way he can look at a photo, try a bunch of options and make an amazing work of art.  He does the same thing with music…. he hears something his band has recorded and adjusts it so that it’s “right”.

It’s a vision thing, something I don’t have — so, it impresses me.  I (like everyone else, I suppose) like to think I have a good aesthetic sense.  Being a humanities minor, I’ve even had some training in what makes “good” “art”… but that seems to entail knowing it when I see or hear it — not having the vision and making it so.

Andy countered that he’s impressed with my strategic mind.  I can see something that I want and make all the small steps in between to make it happen.  I know how to play the political games necessary to be department chair, for example — and how to work a long path to get done what I think needs to be done.  I also see persuasive arguments that I don’t believe — which is probably a relic of my debate coaching.

Andy also put doing logic in the strategic category — and in some ways he’s right — but, I suspect he’ll see that there is a good dose of the artistic / creative mind in doing logic.  That’s what got me thinking that they really aren’t all that different.  Both kinds of mind have a vision or goal — and then devise a way to get there.  The materials may be quite different, but the vision / achieve a goal part of the process is the same.

So, maybe there really isn’t a substantial difference?  All I’m sure of is that I’m glad there are both sorts of minds in the world, because I know the creative types in my life make my life better by helping me to see the other side.


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