Obviously #8

everyone needs….

reindeer horns for their car…. otherwise, how would Santa get his presents to my house??



7 Responses

  1. Very funny! Obviously….

  2. this is almost as silly as people who put wreaths and Christmas lights on their cars… really, like you don’t have enough stuff at home to decorate, it needs to spill into your car too… wow!

  3. Is the woman from Panera wearing the bear ears driving that car?

  4. I can’t decide which is more annoying: the car-as-reindeer or the minivan-with-stick-people-and-soccer-ball plastered on the rear window. Perhaps it’s a tie. 🙂

  5. I don’t think the bear ears girl is driving the reindeer car… different strip mall parking lots :)…

    I find the plastic families very, very annoying — and they’re around all year long.

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