Minnesota Football Fiasco

This should be amusing.

Let’s tear down our football stadium and build an inflatable dome stadium……….lets have that collapse five or more times the first year. Then in 2010, let’s have it collapse under 16″ of snow right in the middle of NFL season.

Since we can no longer use our architecturally “significant” stadium, let’s hold a game in Detroit even though neither of the teams are the Lions.

Fast forward a week and decide to invite all of our 55,000 fans to come to our Golden Gopher stadium even though 30,ooo of them will be turned away. While we’re at it let’s make in general admission (because that works so well for Who concerts and midnight Tickle Me Elmo sales).

I think it would be nifty if there were also 51,000 students trying to get an education and considering the time of year……….getting to finals.

Also an attractive option will the fact that most of the parking is by permit, two hour max for folks who don’t live in the area. Thankfully due to said 16 inches of snow Minneapolis is now in a permanent snow emergency effectively cutting available parking in half.

There are some die hard long time Vikes fans who remember the old Met and have romantic memories of tailgating, drinking and tossing the football around in an effort to get enough hooch in your system to brave three hours in the snow and sub zero wind chill………..so for sure, let’s Ban alcohol for tonight!!!!!!!!!

And hopefully after is all said and done we will have a strong wind from the east blowing in another six inches just in time for kick off.

My friends, the Monkeys have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Nicely said…lol!

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