RBO…Counting my blessings…

I’m feeling quite blessed today… I’ll share part of it… in no particular order…

  • I have my grading DONE and submitted.  That’s always a huge relief and it helps me sustain the illusion that I’m making a difference in the world.
  • I’m safe, snug and comfortable and it’s snowing.  I love the snow.
  • I have a decent car, so I can go where I’d like to go without relying on anybody else, or the bus.
  • My family is healthy, happy and just a bit insane — just like me.
  • Hubby is engrossed in law school, like he’s always wanted to be.
  • I have a super-duper BFF…
  • I have all of my Christmas shopping done, and the AMEX bill isn’t going to be horrific.
  • The tree is decorated –and, to my knowledge –still standing.
  • I’m Dr. Patty (nope, it’s still not old).
  • I have fantastic work peeps to share the good and bad parts of life at BNCC.
  • I met a bunch of interesting new people at a party over the weekend.
  • The Queen and the Minion let me live in their apartment.
  • I’m wearing warm, fuzzy, striped socks… and I have a lovely striped scarf to wear this winter.
  • Did I mention it’s snowing, I’m warm and toasty by the fire at the ‘boo — and my BFF is writing a blog post that will probably make me laugh out loud?

I’d like to spread the holiday joy to all of you… take some time to chill out and think about what makes your life good — I suspect most of it is friends, family and the basics….


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