Patty’s version of an Artsy day

I don’t consider myself artsy like Andy,  because I don’t generally “adjust” my photos — I just go pretty places, take lots of snaps and hope something pleases me… so my version of this will be to post a photo and tell you a little about the subject.

This is the Oregon coast — we were there for a few days between debate nationals more than a few years ago (honestly, I don’t recall exactly, maybe March 2005?).  Hubby and I were there with three debaters for a few days.  It sounds kinda like a scam to get BNCC to pay for a nice vacation, but the truth of the matter was that the increased costs of staying were less than five additional round trip tickets for the following weekend, so we stayed.

If you haven’t been there, the Oregon coast is kinda magical.  It’s quite dramatic, lots of huge clifs, smashing waves and tidal pools.  It’s a deciduous rain forest, which is unusual I suppose — and which translates into being damp a lot, at least in March.

I was there with some of my favorite debaters.  Nice, cool, laidback guys with a lot of talent — if not a great work ethic :).  At the beginning of the year I made a deal with my squad, if they won an open tournament, I’d get a tatoo.  Two of the guys who were with me on the Oregon coast had me contemplating what and where that tatoo was gonna be — as they took second at two tournaments that year.

Overall, I love the Oregon coast — and the area between Portland and the Pacific.  It would be a great place to run away to… put it on your list!

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