Happy Birthday Andy!

Today was Andy’s birthday.  I’ll let him share the details if he chooses to do so —

I’d just like to pause and wish him a wonderful year —

May the next year be as happy as your birthday, maybe a bit less hectic and a bit more creative.

May the next year include the activities and people you love the most, including time to take photos and for a good poofie at the ‘boo.

May you see more of your kids, because both of them are fantastic — and I see why you’re very proud of them.

May the jackwagons and knuckle f-ckers that will inevitably appear in your life exit quickly — although, if they prompt a highly amusing blog post I won’t complain…. and may they all get stabbed on Christmas.

Most of all I hope that this time next year we can look back on a great year as BFFs — and see that all the people we love the most are happy, healthy and living a good life.


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