Merry Christmas..

… to all of you.  I’m currently in Phase 1 of Xmas — Christmas Eve dinner at Hubby’s mom’s place — Phase 2 will be with Hubby tomorrow.  Phase 3 will be with Andy’s family tomorrow night — Phase 4 will be Hubby’s whole family on Monday evening… It might seem that I’ll miss seeing my “own” family on Christmas, it’s not all that unusual for me not to see them, so — don’t worry about me :).

For now — my wishes for you, my friends and readers…

May your halls be decked (and, you not decked)…

May your day be merry and bright — (and, you pretty smart too 🙂 )…

And, if you don’t always get what you want — I hope you get what you need.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday or a Happy Festivus season…

Now, go watch A Christmas Story or watch the Yule Log...


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