Pie crust and cookies…

.. first of all, sorry, no photos — I had my hands dirty…

But, I did get to have some “involvement” with a pie crust.

I got to roll out the top of one of the Thanksgiving pies…

this week I got to cut the butter into the flour for the pie crust — and add the water, under EFG’s close supervision.

Because we didn’t have time to chill the pie crust, I didn’t get to roll it out… a

maybe next time…

Last week I also got to bake most of the batches of “Aunt Rachel’s Cookies”… eventually making the executive decision as to when they should come out of the oven.  Aunt Rachel’s cookies are kind of like sugar cookies crossed with cake — super-duper yummy…. and part of Andy’s family tradition.


One Response

  1. Pie crust is so hard to get right… but then once you do, it’s like the heavens open up for you. (Perhaps I am a tad melodramatic?)

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