There is no such thing as a dollar menu!

So today is part one of a two part assignment. Patty and I watched Food Inc. and we are going to recycle our thoughts and feelings on the matter. Part two will be what can we reasonably do about it.

I was affected but the portion of the film that showed agricultural companies advertising “now hiring” on billboards and newspapers along with pictures of stacks of American cash……….in Spanish and across the border.  Large meat manufacturing companies have  an agreement with the INS people to only deport 15 illegal workers per day in areas where the processing plants rely on workers. Non union workers. Poorly paid workers. Uninsured workers.

The problem is there are no more farms. There are only factories.  To have a respectable and knowledgeable, legal worker makes no more sense then treating your pig or cow with respect or even your customer. The idea started with Henry Ford and made it’s way into fast food in the 50’s and is now the dominating culture in food production. Profit and efficiency for the company and results for the owners are the only important factors.

It is not enough for large companies to produce the most inexpensive food and make the most profits, they would also have local and small producers put out of business by misinforming the consumer and tricky court room politics that keep labels on food dishonest and unclear.

Think that burger was just a buck?  That cow was fed corn that is subsidized by the government. That cow was processed along with thousands of other cows per hour that are for the most part covered  in poop. Because they eat corn instead of grass, they have a new and more dangerous form of E coli.   In case you don’t get it from the beef you will probably get it from the vegetables grown in the run off from the feed lot.

Since it’s so delicious, you will probably make a habit out of it and become desperately obese and diabetic.

So hows that Ronaldy Macdonaldi thing working for you now?

You would like to think big brother would be concerned for our safety with an agency named Food and Drug Administration except they apparently only hire professional who worked many years for the very companies they are supposed to regulate. All the way up to Judge Clarence Thomas who spent his time while not sexually harassing women  working as a lawyer for Monsanto.

So on to part two. How can I register my vote at the register? How can I keep myself informed and eat what my body needs instead of what it wants.

This should be fun!!!!!!


3 Responses

  1. The fallacy of “cheap food” is bound to catch up with us all…sooner or later…

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  3. […] and the fact that a few companies are in control of the vast majority of our food production.  Andy and I have been writing about […]

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