New Year’s Ideas…

A wise pal decided that a theme for the year is a better way to go than a set of resolutions.

I decided that I wanted my own vibe — I want to be peaceful, tranquil and centered this year.  This is going to be an interesting challenge.  Sometimes I’m a spaz, sometimes I’m nicely centered — and sometimes I’m just an all out bitch… (not that often, but when the bitch comes out, she makes up for lost time).

So — when things get hairy (like, when I’m gearing up for the campus conference), I’m going to think “peaceful, tranquil, centered” — with the idea that if I’m that way, others will be that way as well.

I also like to take New Year’s day to think about the past year — what I’m proud of, what I could have done better etc…

I’m most proud of finishing my dissertation and becoming Dr. Patty — there’s nothing like it.

I’m very happy that I made the smart move of sending a friend request to Andy… and that I had a bout of insomnia in mid-July — otherwise, my BFF would be out there and I wouldn’t even know it…

I’m proud of the weight I’ve lost — about 50 lbs — which is significant — although, the weight loss has stalled and I’ve been really bad about going to the gym –so, that could have gone better.

In all honesty, I think I could have taught better this year.  I could have been more accurate in configuring my on-line learning environment materials.  I could have given more complete feedback and I could have lectured better.  I also could have been more creative in my class activities.  Then again, just about every prof could say the same thing… so, what else is new?

So — for next year, I’m going to keep doing what works and strive to improve what I could have done better.  Isn’t that all we can ask or expect of ourselves?


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  1. “Peaceful, tranquil, centered” = PTC, baby, PTC – I like it. I’m stealing it as my mantra, too.

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