The Pharmacy

Like most folks, when I have  a day off, I like to get all my running around done.

One of my stops tonight was the pharmacy. I called all my prescriptions ahead……….discussed them in great detail and gave the team at CVS four hours to attempt getting it right.

I have found my blood boils less if I go through the drive through, however no luck tonight the line was around the building.

Of course inside was no better.   As I was standing in line the first person was told they were out of his medication.

The second ahead of me was told there is a foul up with her insurance company and unless she wanted to pay $1078.00 for it she would have to contact her HR department at work.

The third in line ahead of me was a short man who looked like Mel Gibson, doing nothing to ease my mind.  Of course there was some kind of foul up with his insurance and he chose to stand right in line making calls to various 800 number as if he was going to sort this all out.

When it finally came to my turn, after looking through 7000 Smiths they amazingly found my order.   I signed my life away and walked away deciding to check my order. One prescription short!!!!!!!  What to do?    My only recourse was to get in the drop off line behind the now furious Mel Gibson.

When it was my turn, I told the clerk one of my prescription was missing.  So she looked it up and said “Sir you have been paying cash for that one”.  Bewildered, I could find no words and just cocked my head like a lonely golden retriever. She said it again…………..”you have been paying cash for these in a partial order.    It was then I deciphered what the hell she was trying to say…………..Yes, my insurance lapsed and at 186.00 for 30 pills I was filling them a couple at a time (about 15 pills). But now you see……………….I have insurance and I would like my insurance to pay for the remainder of the prescription.

Long pause…………….it looks like your insurance will cover the rest of your prescription, it will be ready in 15 minutes.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will someday be blogging about the woes of our health care system……………but this is just really the woes of going to the pharmacy and getting jerked around. This entire hassle exists because the pharmaceutical companies want to profit exorbitantly. They have the good people at CVS to enforce payment.

Most of the medications I take are just vitamins. One for low thyroid, and only one is a controlled substance, Ambien.

So 15 minutes passed. Mel is now weeping openly and my name is called.

All 31 pills are included……………..the prescription says 30 on the bottle…………..I already filled 15………..I get 31???????????

So be it, but as I’m just about to sign for the last time I hear:

Do I have a CVS Extra Care Card???????????????


15 minutes passed


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