Patty does Artsy…

… Andy just called, said he wasn’t planning to bring his camera because he said it was too cold to take photos… me thinks his blood is gettin a bit thin in his old age ..:).

I just took this from my patio — y’all will see plenty of patio photos later, doncha worry…  It looks like a great day to go out and play in the snow, right?

Really… it’s kinda chilly out there.  It was -4 this morning, which isn’t all that cold up here, but it still isn’t ‘spend the day frolicking in the snow’ time.  Of course, when it gets that warm around here, it snows more… hmmm…

This year I’ve made friends with a new philosopher at BNCC — she’s new to town, having lived in the southwest for most of her life.  The first cold snow day she was so excited — all that pretty snow, and sunshine to warm her up as she took her morning walk.

What she didn’t realize is that sunny means there are no clouds to keep the small amount of heat we have near the earth… she found out the hard way, but she survived.

So, this is a favorite photo for a couple of reasons.  First, it reminds me of my philosopher friend who is learning to love BN state weather as it comes to her.

Second, I think it’s a pretty view — and the one that dominates my bedroom.  Under the snow is a defunct golf course, so now we get a wide variety of wild animals wandering by — especially if you’re like me, and up at weird hours.



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