Make your own pizza night

Tonight we did something fun — we went to Andy’s brother’s home for make your own pizza night.

The idea is simple and brilliant — purchase pizza crusts, make some pizza sauce (i.e. fix up sauce from the jar 🙂 ) — get plenty of cheese and yummy ingredients — then let your guests make their own pizzas.  The kids made mini pizzas — the younger ones did cheese only, Max had meat on top of meat (Canadian bacon, pepperoni and sausage, with a little cheese someplace in the middle).  Andy’s brother made a super Hawaiian, with pineapple, olives, sausage and other yummy stuff I don’t recall on top of red sauce.  Andy spread butter and then minced garlic instead of red sauce, then Canadian bacon, pepperoni, spinach, black olives and sausage — plus cheese.

The dinner was interactive, fun and gave us plenty of time to chat while the pizzas baked.  It was fun to try what others made — and everyone got exactly what they wanted…. brilliant

The photos don’t do the night justice…

Andy made greek salad — yummy — spinach, red onions, olives, feta cheese, roasted garlic, roasted red peppers and pistachios with Paul Newman dressing.

We put the ingredients on the dining room table and everyone got creative — in this photo you can see Andy’s pizza on the right and his brother’s pizza in production on the left.

Here’s Andy’s brother’s pizza — yummy!  I added banana peppers to mine —

Here’s Andy’s pizza — yummo!

We used a pizza stone and Andy’s brother bought the crusts someplace other than the grocery store — and they turned out quite well.


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