Ending on good terms.








I recently had to give up one of my guitar students due to work and my new school schedule. It was a hard decision to make because he was my favorite student. So of course I wrote a kind email and I received the following reply:



I hadn’t checked email in about 24 hours and just picked up your message.  We certainly wish you all the best at Century–and beyond.  I am intimately familiar with the excitement and challenges of returning to school as a “mature” student.

I respect and appreciate your assessment that Jxxx  is ready for a new teacher.  If you’re right about this, it is largely because you have done so much to move him along musically.  I know he has enjoyed every single minute–and I mean this literally–of his time with you as his teacher.  And I have greatly enjoyed listening to you guys play together.  As I’ve said, sometimes I felt as though I should have paid for a ticket!

I’m sure Jxxxx will be sad to read your message (which I will share with him when he gets home from school), but I know he will also be very pleased to read your words of praise.  I will encourage him to print-out a copy of your email and stick it in the storage compartment of his guitar case.  I suspect it will be there for years–or decades–to come.

I hope our paths will continue to cross somehow in the future.  Perhaps you would still consider letting Jxxxx  join you for a coffee-house jam sometime in the next few months, if your busy schedule (and his) would allow.  If you would ever like a reference as a guitar teacher–or as a high-performing, personable, and reliable employee–please do not hesitate to ask.

All the very, very best,

P.S. I have attached a picture that I meant to send a while ago.  I hope you enjoy it–and you can hang onto it as proof of your influence on Jxxx  if he ever “makes the big time”!



2 Responses

  1. What a wonderful ending to a good student/teacher relationship!

  2. What a wonderful way to close out your relationship!

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