When does the semester start again?

The first week of school never feels real to me — I’m still having daydreams about break, I’m saying the same things in every class and it’s the same crap I say every semester.

This is the second week of class — and it was a short week for MLK day… and I’m headed north for a fun weekend.

Next week I teach one class, have about a zillion meetings and then I run off to San Diego for a few days of conferencing with military ethicists (it’s more fun than it sounds — smart, nice looking men in uniforms.. warm weather, yummy!).

Once I get back from San Diego, I suppose the semester will actually get started… then, it’s only a few weeks until Spring Break!!

In other news–

  • I had a clear cancer check-up today… so, I can still say “I don’t have cancer”… YEA!
  • A mostly big-wig in the just war discussion thinks my dissertation concept is interesting.  He told me he’s recently published an article that calls for exactly what I argue for in my San Diego conference paper…YEA YEA!
  • The mystery of who nabbed my hummus last week was solved… it was an innocent mistake by a good friend…
  • I have to say that my pal Andy really is off to a good start in his classes.  I’ve seen some of his homework and I’d be impressed… of course, I teach philosophy with stick figures, so I’m not exactly an expert in visual communication principles or photography…

Still — it’s a happy time in my twisted little world…. my students haven’t even made me mad yet.. and no e-mails like this one


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