Crabby tire boy.

The other day I had to take my car to the shop for new tires. The plan was to drop it off and go for coffee with Patty. When I arrived my contact Chad met me at the counter and followed me out to the car which I had left running.

Chad said it would be about an hour. The tires were in stock and all systems seemed a go.

About 40 minutes later Chad called and said the lights had been left on in my car and there would be a slight delay in service because the battery had died.  This was absolutely no problem for me.  Patty and I were nestled in for coffee, laptops all blazed up with nothing to do the rest of the day.

About an hour later I called chad and as promised the car was ready to go………………..this has been too easy I thought. something must be up.

When I got to the tire place it was very busy and as it happened, Chad’s line was a bit longer. So I jumped in Joe’s line.

When I finally got to the counter, Joe reminded me the lights had been left on.   I replied, “No problem, I have done that myself several times”.    That’s when young Joe kinda snapped…………..”NO YOU LEFT THE LIGHTS ON”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all………….Who the hell cares?   Why does it have to be someone’s fault?    Why is this dink-shrinker getting in my face?

I have a bad habit of giving advice, and had just recently advised Patty on learning to let these little annoyances in life go.  That’s what I should have done.

Instead I said, “I left the car running with Chad and as far as I know, the battery on a car wont die while it’s running, light’s on or off”?

I have a bad temper sometimes but this response was pretty measured compared to Joe’s  initial over reaction.  Then Joe schlepped through some half-assed attempt at attachment sales and I declined.

Nice thing is I didn’t let this bother me or ruin my day.

I do wonder why some folks have such an issue with customer service.    I also wish Crabby Joe a little peace, serenity and the realization that life is too short to be a blamey aggressive jerk.



One Response

  1. I can attest to the fact that he didn’t let it ruin his day… as this is the first I found out about Crabby tire boy.

    I think what Andy’s missing here is his big message that life doesn’t have to be a win/lose situation. Just accepting that someone left the lights on, without judging or blaming, would have let Crabby Tire Boy have a better day.

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