Take that, Verizon..

Hubby “needed” a new phone.

Hubby is a 2.5L — which means his next time off before 11 PM will happen about, oh, never.  So, being a good wifey, I went to Verizon to get him one. 

Aparently, an ID with a matching address, the same last name and MY cell phone number as the primary number isn’t enough to get the hubster a new phone. 

The conversation started with:  “you aren’t on the account”… progressed to, “you could call him”… at which point I held up his phone and said, “yea– let’s do that and watch this one ring”… which is when the dink holes repeated the calling suggestion three or four times. Really,  I should have called Andy… he’d have played along…

Then the f-nuckle said the magic words, “or, he can go on-line and add you to the account.”… I thanked him (probably rudely, but I did hear Andy advise me to let it go…) and walked out the door.

Then, I went next door to Starbucks — thanks to my handy little lapotp, 5 minutes later I had myself on the account.  I wasn’t even there long enough to drink a cup of coffee.

You see, if you have someone’s phone and know the owner’s SSN, you can Verizon  text you a temporary password which will let you add yourself to the account…

I now have a new Blackberry (hubby wanted “your phone”… he got it)…you can figure out the rest.

The moral of the story, don’t piss off the Ph.D. who ACTUALLY pays the bills…


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