What a week…

Just a short post to keep y’all updated…

Over the weekend Andy and I went to the woods, saw some really pretty trees and Andy took a bunch of really cool photos.  It was in the -30 range overnight up there… burrr— but, clear, sunny and cold for photos, perfect.  I got home last night about 6:00.

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego for a military ethics conference.  It’s kinda cool because I’m going to be the only paper in the session — and some really smart folks are already thinking about it — one asked for a copy of my dissertation.  The last few times I was down there, the temp was about 70 degrees — I’m packing my sandals.

In between I have a class to teach, a BFF to discuss logic with and about 72million meetings…. well, actually three or four, but it feels like a lot packed into two days.

Sooooo — if the blog is a little quiet, it’s because we’re busy people with interesting lives that we’ll tell you about sooner or later 🙂 — you can be sure.

For now — take a couple of lessons I re-learned over the weekend:

1) No horseplay on the couch.

2) Your eyes will adjust.

My Orono peeps will get both jokes, and the rest of you will just have to wish you’d been cool enough to go to school with Andy and me.


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  1. Have fun in San Diego!

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