Sunny San Diego..

So, I’m sitting outside reading e-mail and thinking about all the times I’ve been to San Diego.  The first few were for debate — Which means there are several folks out there who saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, with me.  That’s pretty cool!

I to0k this photo as part of a long-running joke with one of my debaters.  He came to So Cal for the first time with me… and immediately decided that palm trees were creepy.

Next he decided that they didn’t exist.  Oh, if only everything creepy could be wished into non-existence… hmmm…

Anyway, from that time on, I’ve been sending him pictures of palm trees — which always get a similar response “why did you send me a picture of the blank sky?”…

We’ve been playing this game for several years — long enough that he’s a coach now and about to finish a master’s.  When he decided that palm trees didn’t exist, he was a youngish person with a hard life — now, he’s gonna go out and change the world.

Now I’m in San Diego for an academic conference — the days are shorter, the work easier, but the company isn’t better….. I also don’t have any students with me to feed, track down and to ask to knock some of the sand off of their shoes before getting in the rental.

Going to conferences is generally fun — at least this one.  The folks are nice and the topics generally interesting.  Tomorrow I’ll present a paper and chair another panel.  Today I heard one of the first female fighter pilots tell us about the ethical dangers of unmanned military vehicles and talk about research ethics.  It was interesting.  I didn’t have to make win/loss decisions, tell debaters they could have done better or eat a crappy hamburger on a beautiful deck.

All that said — the debate reason for coming here was fun…. and having a long-standing joke with a former debater is even more fun.

So, I posted this photo because it reminds me of the debater I blog about as D1 –I’m proud of him and the work we did together to make his life better…. he did the debate work on his own, and I think the life work is more valuable in the long run.

D1 — I hope  you always see that empty sky :).


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