Ms. M would be proud…

Andy and I decided to do something a little different today… actually see stuff in our lovely city… As teenagers, we both had field trips to “culture” thanks to Ms. M — she got us out of our suburban cocoon and gave us a taste of another world — the fact that most of us ate at the Uptown McDonalds wasn’t her fault..

After his kids, Andy loves food, guitars and photography — in no particular order.  I’m a humanities minor (along with being the humanities department chair at BNCC), and I like to eat, so our interests coincide nicely for a field trip to the city.

We started by going to Willie’s Guitars in St. Paul.  It’s full of vintage guitars and amps.  Going to a guitar shop with Andy is quite the experience.  Imagine a kid in a candy store who can taste all he wants for free without a tummy ache.  Before my first experience in a guitar store with Andy (it was The Podium) I had no idea there were so many variations in guitars.

A guitar store visit with a musician like Andy is a lot of fun.  He’ll pick a guitar, play some, listen and ask me what it sounds like.  I have no words to describe what I’m hearing, but I’m getting to the point where my comments aren’t nonsense… I hope.  Our recent trips focused on guitars with “growl” — and I’m actually able to hear the differences between them. I’m also amazed at how expensive some guitars are — and how price doesn’t correlate to nice sound.

After Willie’s we were hungry, so we went to Falafel King for some yumtastic Middle Eastern food — hummus, stuffed grape leaves, falafel and the like.  We regularly eat hummus for lunch, but not like this.  Falafel King should also, officially, be credited with preventing my day from being sucktastic — I left my purse behind and when we went back to retrieve it, they’d picked it up and had it behind the counter with everything intact.  YEA!!!

After lunch, we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see some photography and wander in the galleries for a while.  In particular, we wanted to see James Welling’s photos of Glass House. It was great to see this with Andy, as he’s starting his photography courses at BNCC — his observations on Welling’s use of filters and the observation that the photos are “art over art” — in that both the architect of the glass house and the photographer’s images of them cooperate to create something new and unusual — were spot on for this humanities major.

As is our habit, we’ve spent the remaining hours of the day at our ‘boo…. whiling away the hours on the internets.  Quite a nice way to spend a Friday, doncha think?


3 Responses

  1. You guys are fun to read–and thought provoking.

  2. Thanks!! from both of us 🙂 — We’re together not really watching the Super Bowl.. i.e. listening to it from the other room.

  3. […] you is a welcome change of pace from our usual “poofie”.  I especially appreciated this trip around town… Seeing whatever “Art” is with you is lots of […]

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