Opps I arted!

What brought on this conversation was a hmmmmmm……….design, that looked like a poorly executed piece of blank notebook paper displayed proudly on the wall at the Minneapolis Art Institute.

It bothers me that some goof-nick scratched his or her chin hairs and postulated the obvious fact that this was art. Secondly, that at least one person who should have known better agreed.

I take issue with the arrogance of the term and boastful nature of the” Arteest”

As some of you may have noticed, I have posted photographs, music and culinary offerings:

I hope my pictures make someone feel like they are there.  I hope a picture I’ve taken is meaningful to a relative or friend. I hope I am able to communicate humor or another message, but art it is not.

I make pretty good grub as anyone twenty years in the food biz should…………but it is not art.

If my music can be heard as decent imitation, I’m happy, but it is not art.

The Navajo who make beautiful pottery and textiles always include an intentional imperfection because to try to make something perfect is an affront to their way. They also made those things for a reason………..to keep comfortable or store things.

I do not and will not sign anything art-ish that I do for the same reason. After all, I just took a picture of the trees, I didn’t create the trees. The credit for something beautiful usually belongs to something bigger that needs no thanks or appreciation.

So why do it?

I do art-ish things for the same reason another person goes for a bike ride, or a canoe trip. Maybe even making a quilt or needle point. It’s recreation (re-creation) through self expression.

My definition is: Channeling all relative skill and experience with the goal of creating something remarkable.

Also there has to be a certain honesty of the heart……………….in other words, only you can know your intention.  Have you paid your dues?  Have you done the best you can?  Have  you experienced something personally rewarding in the creation?

Or have you splattered enough paint and copied enough soup cans to earn a fat check?


2 Responses

  1. One of the things I like about Andy is his humility. I would say that, in terms of food, Andy’s creations often rise to his definition of art. I also think that his music and photography can and will in the future satisfy his own definition. I know that he worries the Art Gods will smite him with non-creativity if he calls himself an artist — and I respect that.

  2. Maybe everyone’s an artist, or maybe nobody’s an artist? Maybe it’s like being happy, if you believe you’re happy you can’t be wrong — if you call yourself an artist, you are one.

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