To Andy… or, the answer to the When Harry Met Sally question


Can men and women be friends…. JUST friends?  That’s the theme of the movies When Harry Met Sally and Once.  Really, this is a post to my best friend Andy — the rest of you can sit still, or stop reading… your choice.


I’m lucky to have you and your amazing family in my life.  I know  I’ve done nothing to “deserve” such a fantastic friend, so — it’s luck.  I appreciate that can talk, laugh and sometimes just be quiet.  You’ve taught me to listen to music from a new perspective and you’ve introduced me to new (old) music I probably wouldn’t have listened to otherwise.

First and foremost, you’re a great Dad.  I really like that you take pride in your kids, and you should be proud of them.  Both of your kids are fantastic.  Everyday I see how you love, worry and guide them — that’s what makes you a great Dad.

I’m glad you’re my BFF, you’re great at helping me to choose the wise and patient path when people piss me off.  Sure, everyone who pisses me off should be shot on Christmas — but, since that ain’t gonna happen, I’m glad you’ve got my back.  I hope I’ve been helpful when you have troubles.  Generally, I think you’re pretty neat — even if you won’t wear a pink shirt :).

Bumming around with you is a welcome change of pace from our usual “poofie”.  I especially appreciated this trip around town… Seeing whatever “Art” is with you is lots of fun.

It’s really fun to travel with you.  We always have something to talk about and you have to pee more often than I do, so I don’t feel like a wimpy girl who can’t hold it so we can make better time…

I’m so proud of you for starting back to school in your 40s. I know you’ll do very well — and I’m glad you get a chance to “observe” young female rumps :).  Having you at my school is a new and welcome thing.

Watching you take photos makes me see that you’re an artist — perhaps it’s the way you plan a photo, or the way you use the camera.  I know you have an eye for fantastic landscape… Colorado is going to be a blast!

So, on days when you need a happy thought — I have a few for you…

  • “No horseplay on the couch.”
  • “Your eyes will adjust.”
  • “Do you think ______ is easy to sneak up on?”
  • “That’s a fabulous couch”.
  • “The People’s ‘Coffee ‘Shop”
  • Isabella, Lake Superior, the woods, Ely…
  • Key West, Colorado — and all the other amazing places we’ll go

Happy Hallmark Holiday, hun —

Always, your BFF

2 Responses

  1. […] As I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about Andy is that he’s a good dad.  This photo was taken the weekend I saw how good a dad Andy is — because I got to know Max. […]

  2. Oh, so nice…

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