Andy and I have a lunch break together on Tuesdays and Thursdays —

So far I’ve been in charge of brining lunch.  We’ve had a lot of hummus, some frozen burritos and tuna salad on crackers.

I need some new ideas — sorry hun, today is tuna again… or maybe a pack of frozen burritos…

So — help a girl out — The requirements for lunch are:

  1. Easily assembled by a sleepy Patty.
  2. Neatly transported to campus.
  3. Edible without much refrigeration.
  4. Easy to eat while sitting in my office.
  5. Reasonably nutritious
  6. Tasty

I welcome your suggestions — please!


One Response

  1. Grapes, apples, nuts, cheese (seriously, it will keep), crackers. I could eat that every single day.

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