A scene from S’Bucks…

There’s a middle-aged woman who seems to be a tutor at a table near me.  Students have been stopping by all afternoon.  Mostly they talk about school stuff and then go away…. (and, yes, that’s Andy in the big boots across from me… )

Right now she’s with two girls who seem to be high school seniors. They’ve spent about 10 minutes, total, talking about math-like stuff.  The rest of the hour or so they’ve been talking about boys, prom, other girls and high school stuff.

Folks, she’s clearly a well-preserved 40ish woman.  I suspect the girls’ parents are paying at least $20/hour for her to gossip with their kids and pretend she’s one of them.  How pathetic — she knows whose dating whom, which boys are dorks and has opinions about prom.

I have to feel kinda sad for someone who seems to have significant social interactions with high school girls… then again, we’re in Posh Town S’Bucks, so she’s probably a trophy wife who tutors for drug money…


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