Weather Man or Witch Doctor?

According to the weather man, yesterday was supposed to be the Blizpoclypse and today was supposed to clear off with maybe another inch of snow. As it happens what we got was the exact opposite. The storm never really picked up speed in scenic Maple Plain on the 20th but it has gone crazy all day today.

I’m a pretty easy going guy and tend to roll with the punches, but I do find myself feeling let down when a “huge storm” turns out to be nothing to write home about.

New rule: If the weather man is wrong he has to do the following weeks forecasts in a Gene Shallot costume.

So since it’s a holiday, I slept in, ran the snow blower and camped out at Starbucks with Patty and my son. A good choice for any day!!!

I am also noticing tutor lady behind us. She has a creepy something about her. Her relationship with the students is just a tad too chummy. I expect to see her on the news pretty soon.

Patty and I made reservations for our cabin in Colorado. It’s reasonably priced and right on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. The reservation page asked if we need any special accommodation……….I told them we require good picture taking weather. I’m bringing a bow tie and Jewish-Afro wig just in case.

I’ve never been to the mountains of Colorado before.   I suspect for a fledgling photographer it’s going to seem like Disneyland in that you will never see it all in one day.  We’ve decided instead of bopping around the whole state trying to get the right shots at just the right time with just the right weather, we are going to stay put.      All the advice Ive gotten suggests that the best pictures are taken around dawn and sunset.  Staying close will allow us spend more time snapping pics and less time chasing around.

I have two lenses, a polarized filter, and adequate tripod, extra battery and a remote shutter……….I’m wishing I could afford a super zoom (for moon shots) and I’m curious about a neutral density filter. I just want to have what I need when I get out there.

I’m in charge of the menu for our vacation………Lucky Patty!!!!!   I don’t know much, but I do know food.

I will also be giving Patty’s second cousin Kathy some lessons with her DSLR.  Yikes, hope she wants to shoot on manual or I wont have much to share with her.

Pizza time soon!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. It is STILL coming down here. Ugh.

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