Spring Break…

Andy and I are going to Colorado for Spring Break.  We’ll stay with friends and relatives and spend some time in Estes Park at a neat (and affordable, in the winter) cabin.

It’s the first Spring Break vacation I’ll have had in a really, really, really long time.
Sure, I’ve been in academia a long time — between being a student and a faculty member, all but about 3 of my adult years.  You might wonder why this is my first Spring Break vacation…

First of all, the last spring break trip was probably when I was either just finishing my BA or early in my grad school.  I went from Nebraska to Isabella — the big excitement of spring up there was a small patch of gravel showing on the driveway.

Last  year I had major surgery over break.  The year before was a trip to Nebraska to see Hubby and debate nationals.  Prior years were some combination of Nebraska travel, preparation for debate nationals or — in some years TWO debate national tournaments.

So — Yea, I’m excited about taking a spring break… We’ll drive, laugh, listen to music and see some amazing places.  We’ll eat (Andy is the EFG, after all), relax, take pictures and generally have a good time.

I suspect we’ll also blog, our cabin has wifi… but, if you don’t hear from us, just know that we’re having too much fun to blog about!

How many days ’till we leave again?

3 Responses

  1. That is such a gorgeous place–enjoy your trip!

  2. Andy and I have fun going to Costco — I’m pretty sure we could have a fun time anyplace…

  3. […] is quite clear, Andy and I are going to Colorado (Friday!!! YEA!!!!!) […]

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