Stuffed Manicotti

or — Food is Love…

One of Andy’s parents had a same-day surgery — the kind of thing that takes most of the day in the hospital, but you get to come home afterward…

So, Andy thought it would be nice to cook supper for his parents — and I thought it would be good to take photos and blog about it.

Start with manicotti shells and a big jar of good sauce.


Cook the pasta (you can use jumbo shells and they may be easier to work with) — and let them cool.


While the water is boiling, mix a big tub of ricotta, a healthy few handfuls of mozzarella, Parmesan and a big lump of garlic from the jar —


Add a bunch of fresh, chopped spinach and about half-cup of diced onion.

Mix it all up in the bowl — if it’s a bit stiff, put it on top of the stove to warm up a little.


Put it in a freezer bag, cut the corner off of ONE corner and use it to fill the cooked shells.


When you’re shopping for freezer bags, and in life in general, avoid expandable bottoms!!  They’ll only lead you to trouble — and a messy stuffing shells situation.  You want a regular corner to cut off.


Fix up the sauce as you’d like — Andy added garlic and red wine to ours as it was warming up.  Then line up the stuffed shells and pour the sauce on top.


Top it with cheese (and ignore my finger in the photo… ) — leftover filling and mozzarella.


While you’re at it — make some yummy cheese bread — scoop out a little of the middle of the bread, spread some extra filling on top, then olive oil and garlic and whatever else looks good.  This will go in the oven after the pan comes out…


Baked at 400 for about 25 minutes, or until it’s brown, bubbly and wonderful…

Then enjoy.  Clearly, food is love — and I love this dish!


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  1. OMG! I have to try this recipe now! Thanks for the inspiration! My son and I will have a blast making this.

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