A favorite Photo..

As is my habit, I take snapshots and sometimes they turn out… Instead of making “art”, I take photos to remind me of special times.  This was one of them.

As I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about Andy is that he’s a good dad.  This photo was taken the weekend I saw how good a dad Andy is — because I got to know Max.

The photo was taken at the top of Palisaide –It’s a rocky, cliffy area along Lake Superior.  It’s on the way to Mom’s in Isabella.  In the photo, Max and Andy are coming back from exploring part of the cliff — Before they left, Andy lovingly gave Max some warnings about being careful, along with the observation that his mom would kill him if Max got hurt, which isn’t far from the truth :).

Besides the spectacular scenery, what makes this photo special is that this trip was the first time I got to spend more than a couple of hours with Max and Andy together.  The occasion was sad, my step-dad had just died after a long illness.  We went up to see Mom and to help out any way we could.

On the way up, we talked about what Max might expect at Mom’s.  Max is like his dad, sweet and sensitive to others’ feelings, so when we got to Mom’s Max was a perfect gentleman.

That weekend we stayed at the Knotted Pine, our first time in Cabin 10.  We made a fire — and soon Max agreed that making a fire is much better than TV…. quite an admission from a (then) 8 year old boy who loves to play video games.

As the fire died down, so did Andy’s energy level and he went to bed leaving us to talk by the fire.  Max and I had a good talk about life, love and death.  We also walked out into the dark and he showed me the stars.  As we were coming back, Max asked for a hug.. so sweet!

The next day we went fishing at what Max soon dubbed “Disappointment Lake”, due to the fact that he didn’t actually catch any fish.  I grew up on Lake Minnetonka, so I did all the fishing I wanted to do by the time I was about 7… So, instead I read a book sitting in the shade — really, that’s the best thing to do while fishing.  It was also nice to watch Andy teach Max how to cast.

This trip wasn’t the first or last time Andy and I have been to the woods, but it was special because I got to know Max.


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